The Alligator People | Monster Attack Ep.67

A scientist in the wilds of the Louisiana bayou concocts a treatment that could revolutionize healing and medicine as we know it … but, with terrible side effects in this 1959 cult classic “The Alligator People, starring Beverly Garland, George Macready and Lon Chaney, Jr. It’s another one of Jim;’s childhood favorites on this episode of Monster Attack.

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Invisible Invaders | Monster Attack Ep.66

It’s invisible aliens wanting to destroy mankind in this 1959 “Guilty Pleasure,” starring John Carradine, John Agar, Jean Byron, Phillip Tonge and Robert Hutton. Jim examines one his boyhood favorites -“Invisible Invaders.” Has the Earth become a threat to another race of beings because of recent advances in atomic power? Find out how mankind fights this ultimate threat on Episode 66 of Monster Attack.

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Giant From The Unknown | Monster Attack Ep.65

Jim goes back to 1959 to look at a tale about a long-dead evil Spanish Conquistador who terrorizes a small Northern California town in “Giant From The Unknown,” starring Ed Kemmer, Sally Fraser, Morris Ankrum, Bob Steele and Buddy Baer. Does the ground in the hills of California cause things, including people, to be in a state of suspended animation for more than 500 years? Find out on this episode of Monster Attack.

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The Tingler | Monster Attack Ep 64

Madeline Brumby returns with one of William Castle’s most popular films, “The Tingler” (1959), starring Vincent Price, Darryl Hickman, Patricia Cutts, Pamela Lincoln, Judith Evelyn and Phillip Coolidge. This is the film known for its use of strategically placed seat buzzers in select theatres. Come enjoy all the fun as Jim and Madeline re-live the “Tingler” experience on this week’s episode of Monster Attack.

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The Gorgon |Monster Attack Ep.63

Jim examines a 1964 Hammer Gothic, “The Gorgon,” with roots in Greek mythology, starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley and directed by Terence Fisher. A small town is plagued with a series of strange murders – all of the victims have been turned to stone. A professor and a young man, looking into his brother’s death, uncover what looks to be a huge conspiracy. What is the town hiding? Find out on this episode of Monster Attack.

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Gojira (1954) | Monster Attack Ep.62

It was an international sensation that launched a beloved franchise that spanned more than six decades – “Gojira” a.k.a. “Godzilla.”  Mike Clark (BK on the Air) joins Jim for a lively discussion about one of cinema’s most popular dinosaurs. Come take a trip back to the time where it all began on this episode of Monster attack.

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House On Haunted Hill | Monster Attack Ep.61

Madeline Brumby returns to the podcast to talk with Jim about another William castle classic: 1959’s “House of Haunted Hill,” starring Vincent Price, Elisha Cook Jr., Carol Ohmart, Richard Long, Alan Marshall and Carolyn Craig. Would you stay in a haunted house that saw several brutal murders during its history? It’s all ahead on this episode of “Monster Attack.”

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Invasion of the Saucer Men | Monster Attack Ep.60

It’s a look at one of Jim’s favorite “Guilty Pleasures” as we examine the 1957 camp classic, “Invasion of the Saucer Men,” starring Steven Terrell, Gloria Castillo, Frank Gorshin (yes, that Frank Gorshin) and Lyn Osburn. Creepy little green men land on a farmer’s property and terrorize the inhabitants of the town of Hicksville. And why is the military trying to cover everything up? It’s all ahead in this episode of Monster Attack.

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King Kong (1933) |Monster Attack Ep.59

The “King” pays a visit to Monster Attack … No, not that “King.” One of the true Kings of Monster Movies pops by, “Kong.” And since it is a little too much for Jim solo, he invites Tom Clark from “Necrocasticon” to help out. A very special episode coming your way on this week’s Monster Attack!

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House Of Frankenstein | Monster Attack Ep.58

Jim examines the 6th entry into Universal’s successful “Frankenstein” franchise -“House of Frankenstein,” starring Boris Karloff, J. Carroll Naish, Lon Chaney Jr.,  Elena Verdugo, George Zucco and John Carradine. The evil Dr. Niemann gathers together assorted monsters (Frankenstein monster, Dracula, Wolfman) for a popular tale of suspense and action. And it is all ahead on this episode of Monster Attack.

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Necrocasticon Volume 2 Chapter 44

Welcome to volume 2 chapter 44 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. Your host, writer and podcaster Token Tom Clark is joined, as always, by our panel of metal & horror experts at Project Entertainment Network. Musician Maxx Axe and musician and artist, Azriel Mordecai are alone this week, as Smoking Walt has some things to attend to. But that’s OK.

This week we’re going ape for the original big monster, King Kong. With the release KONG: Skull Island, we’re going to talk about the American national treasure that is King Kong. One part sci-fi thriller, one part giant monster movie, one part romantic adventure. From 1933 to now, no other big monster has captured our hearts like Kong. Well, for those of us without a lizard infatuation, that is.

In order for us to get into the brass tacks of this, we’re enlisting the aid of fellow Project Entertainment Network show host, veteran broadcaster and big monster expert, Jim Adams. Jim’s show Monster Attack can be heard on the network m and he gives his unique insight into all things Kong in a chat he had with Token Tom.

Az is goes to the mortuary for a super group, Tom steps in for Walt’s smoker with his own BBQ review of Edge of Paradise’s new EP, Alive, and Maxx Axe and Revelation 13 bring us this week in metal and horror history.

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The Haunted Palace | Monster Attack Ep.57

Madeline Brumby returns as co-host with Jim on this episode, which examines a 1953 Roger Corman classic – “The Haunted Palace,” starring Vincent Price, Debra Paget, Lon Chaney Jr.  and Elisha Cook, Jr. This was one of Croman’s best period pieces during a stretch where he interpreted Edgar Allen Poe poetry and some H.P. Lovecraft tales. A Gothic experience lies ahead on this episode of Monster Attack.

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