Defenders Dialogue Issue #3

The Avengers – Defenders War begins! Chris and Brian discuss the first big crossover event in Marvel Comics history, and how it impacted comics for decades to follow. Plus, Hulk finally takes a stand against his teammate’s incessant bullying.

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Defenders Dialogue Issue #1

What happens when a legendary Golden Age creator decides to teach a young artist a lesson?

Who’s a bigger jerk — Dr. Strange, Namor, or the Silver Surfer? And what is the real-life Rutland, Vermont’s connection to the Marvel Universe? 

Christopher Golden and Brian Keene discuss the origins of THE DEFENDERS with an in-depth look at SUB-MARINER issues 34 and 35, and MARVEL FEATURE issues 1 through 3. 


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Defenders Dialogue Issue 0

There shall come a podcast- a podcast like NO OTHER – DEFENDERS DIALOGUE!

Marvel Comic’s original superhero non-team convenes once again under Project Entertainment Network.

Noted comic book writers and authors Brian Keene & Christopher Golden take us back to the 70’s & 80’s as they review and discuss Marvel’s most DYNAMIC collection of super-heroes, THE DEFENDERS!

The Incredible Hulk! The Savage Sub-Mariner! The Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr. Strange, and an ever-changing cast of Marvel super-heroes battle against evil as THE DEFENDERS!

Defenders Dialogue with Brian Keene & Christopher Golden!

Tuesdays, exclusively on Project Entertainment Network.

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