Three Guys With Beards Ep #61 | Thomas Sniegoski

On this week’s THREE GUYS WITH BEARDS, New York Times bestselling author Thomas Sniegoski guest co-hosts for the absent Jonathan.

The Beards talk about Stephen King’s IT, the passing of comics legend Len Wein, and Disney’s upcoming streaming service and how it will impact/destroy television viewing habits.

Listener questions prompt conversations about short stories and authorial discipline?as well as some soul-searching about the author’s best friend: chronic self-doubt.

Also?the Beards’ second contest continues, but to learn about the contest and the prize, you have to listen!

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Project Entertainment Network Top 5 Concert Lists

Each Saturday and Sunday we’ll post a fun Top 5 List from three of our PEN hosts. Topics will vary. Some you will agree on. Others you will not. Isn’t that the fun of having lists?

Today’s Topic: Concerts


Christopher Golden (Three Guys With Beards and Defenders Dialogue)

1. Santana (Cape Cod Coliseum, July 4th, 1981)

2. Frank Turner / Flogging Molly (Main State Pier, 2016, in the pouring rain)
3. Gregg Allman / The Outlaws / The Joe Perry Project (Westboro Speedway, 1981)
4. Coldplay (Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA, 2009)
5. Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden (?? a long time ago)

William Tucker (Scribblers’ Rest)

1. Disturbed

2. Nightwish
3. Breaking Benjamin
5. Delain

Kelli Owen (Buttercup of Doom)

 All of them!! oh, why did i answer that way? because i’m just a sad girl from the midwest who lived in areas that were not populated for most of my life and concerts didn’t actually come by me. hell, animals didn’t live where i did! but for my birthday one year, a friend got tickets, tossed me in the car, and we drove 4 hours to go to Aerosmith. Then i moved to PA 10 years later, and managed to sneak out to a couple, so then i finally got to actually GO to some concerts

1. Chris Cornell – acoustic heaven!!
2. Aerosmith
3. Avett Brothers
4. Breaking Benjamin
5. Motley Crue… last place only because the 2 times they were near me when i was younger, i was grounded, then pregnant, and missed them. This did not stop friends and family from sending me every VHS or DVD of their concerts over the years. so while it was never “live” for me, it was live taped concerts and i have watched them repeatedly. someday i’ll see some part of them actually live (probably SIXX AM, since meteornotes said the Crue tickets were ridiculous last time they were even close enough to drive)

Defenders Dialogue Issue 0

There shall come a podcast- a podcast like NO OTHER – DEFENDERS DIALOGUE!

Marvel Comic’s original superhero non-team convenes once again under Project Entertainment Network.

Noted comic book writers and authors Brian Keene & Christopher Golden take us back to the 70’s & 80’s as they review and discuss Marvel’s most DYNAMIC collection of super-heroes, THE DEFENDERS!

The Incredible Hulk! The Savage Sub-Mariner! The Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr. Strange, and an ever-changing cast of Marvel super-heroes battle against evil as THE DEFENDERS!

Defenders Dialogue with Brian Keene & Christopher Golden!

Tuesdays, exclusively on Project Entertainment Network.

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Three Guys With Beards #59 | What We Won’t Watch or Read

This week the Beards talk about what they WON’T watch or read, and why.

The contest continues until Friday and winners will be announced next week!

We also cover the writing process as we answer a slew of new questions.

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Three Guys With Beards #58

In this episode, The Beards chat about our contests and where to win amazing prizes like a copy of the original script for THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD signed by George Romero and John Russo. We also discuss, a rarity, politics and hate crimes and Neo-Nazis. Many questions are asked and some are even answered. 

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Three Guys With Beards #57

The beards chat it up on pop culture, and deal with a few issues that are oddly sensitive to writers, like convention etiquette, and how to handle conventions when things go horribly wrong.

Has the new DARK TOWER movie been mistreated by the reviews? We state our opinions.

Also, for the first time, we have a contest! Listen carefully and you could win a truly spectacular and rare prize. The rules are in there… somewhere.


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Three Guys With Beards #056 | The Beards Are Back

The Beards are back, this time answering questions about the writing process and talking about what they’ve been doing while the summer was at it’s hottest. Here’s a hint: Jim was moving a mile down the road to escape hell. 

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Three Guys With Beards #55 | Just the Beards

It’s just the beards this time, fielding questions from our followers, discussing what we’re working on, what we want to work on, whether or not working on media tie-ins is diluting our work of the genres, and why Comic book writer, artist and legend Stephen Bissette keeps challenging us with new questions!

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Three Guys With Beards #53 | Dan Brereton

This time around the Beards talk with comic illustrator, writer and creator Dan Brereton, the driving force behind The Nocturnals, The Psycho and Giantkiller and an accomplished painter who’s worked on The Punisher, Batman and many other Marvel and DC titles.

Naturally, we talk pop culture and listen to the accusations and defenses between Dan and Chris!


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