The Liars Club Oddcast #035 | Karen Joy Fowler, Literary Novelist

NY Times Bestselling Author of We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves and The Jane Austen Book Club talks about the value of taking risks in your writing, and the importance of following your instincts.

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 54 – Halloween

It’s never too late to chat about Halloween.

Or any holiday when it comes to writing. 

The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda talk about utilizing the holidays to do themed stories, get involved in blog tours, and anything else to break apart from the pack and sell some books.

Follow along as they stumble through it.

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The F Word: Failure — InkStains Ep 34

Join host John Urbancik as he discusses writing and photography and art and creativity. This week, he takes on Failure — and why we should be doing more of it. Readings include a carousel in an antique shop, an old magician, and a man with nothing left to lose who bets everything on a spin of the wheel.

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Three Guys With Beards Ep #61 | Thomas Sniegoski

On this week’s THREE GUYS WITH BEARDS, New York Times bestselling author Thomas Sniegoski guest co-hosts for the absent Jonathan.

The Beards talk about Stephen King’s IT, the passing of comics legend Len Wein, and Disney’s upcoming streaming service and how it will impact/destroy television viewing habits.

Listener questions prompt conversations about short stories and authorial discipline?as well as some soul-searching about the author’s best friend: chronic self-doubt.

Also?the Beards’ second contest continues, but to learn about the contest and the prize, you have to listen!

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Caramel Apple Perfection (Unless you’re allergic to peanuts!) | It Cooks! Ep 28

Welcome back to IT COOKS! This is episode twenty eight! *Maniacal laughter* EUREKA! I’VE DONE IT!!!! After weeks of toiling, Amber has perfected the caramel apple with a nutty new twist! This week’s sponsor is Subculture Corsets and Clothing.

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Adulting | Buttercup of Doom 2.3

This week I can’t even… which means as I spew about the term, as well as the problem, known as Adulting, my blood pressure means this one is completely NSFW: language.

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Coming up: genre – location location location – rules – dumbing down America – legalizing pot – little white lies – and whatever you suggest I whine about. So suggest something, already!

*to boil an egg: put water in pot. turn on heat (burner/flame/etc). once it is boiling, gently add eggs. set timer for 13 minutes**. go scrub your f**king toilet. take off heat. tip pan into sink and pour hot water out (not the eggs. use a lid or something to hold them there). add really cold water. drain again. cold water. drain. add cold water and let sit on stove/counter. go dust the tops of all the frames and clocks. remove from water. dry off. use sharpie to draw faces on eggs (that’s how you tell the boiled from the raw, duh). put in fridge.  you’re welcome.

**13 minutes is the exact time needed for a. perfectly yellow insides, not that overdone green color, and b. if you slap it against the counter and roll it back and forth, the shell will come off in one piece… handy.

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Lunch Ladies Book Club: Episode 18 – Cyclops Road (Part 2 of 3)

The Lunch Ladies Book Club (Shelly, Ashley and Mimzie) read and review Cyclops Road by Jeff Strand.

Did they like it? Did they agree or disagree about it?

Find out by listening!

Part 2 of 3

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Bride Of Frankenstein | Monster Attack Ep.85

It’s another Universal Classic as Jim looks at James Whale’s 1935 follow-up to “Frankenstein” – “Bride Of Frankenstein,” starring Boris karloff, Colin Clive, Ernest Thesiger, Elsa lanchester, Valerie Hobson and Dwight Frye. Victor Frankenstein is having second thoughts about his quest, when Dr. Pretorius shows up with an offer he can’t refuse. Find out what happens on this episode of “Monster Attack.”

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Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 18

We’re all about the adaptation of Stephen King’s IT for Volume 3 Chapter 18 of the Necrocasticon. Mr. Scott takes over the controls as he, Smokin’ Walt Ball & Azriel Mordecai bring in guest panelist Dan Roberts to discuss the record breaking film. 

Then, Tom Clark went on assignment, and he talks to the guys in Deadrider and Fatal Cruse, as well as Brian Tatler from seminal NWOBHM band DIAMOND HEAD!

But that’s not all. Az takes us to Russia in the mortuary and Walt gets all doomy with Paradise Lost’s latest, Medusa, in the Smoker. It’s a don’t miss chapter of the Necrocasticon!

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Matters of Faith Podcast Ep 032: Sorting Out Storms

Jay Wilburn discusses infusion therapy, hurricane evacuation, and answers a listener question on how you deal with stress without taking it out on your family. His alarm goes off and he has to take his medicine during the episode. It’s a wild ride!

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Dude : Kevin Candela : Bizzong! Podcast

Kevin Candela is a dude. A righteous dude. He wears many dude hats. Mr. Frank likely goes overboard by labeling him with so many dude monikers. And yet, there he is, this week’s guest on Bizzong! The dude, Kevin Candela.

Hit play because you’ve just entered #ZongerDay!

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Project Entertainment Network Top 5 Concert Lists

Each Saturday and Sunday we’ll post a fun Top 5 List from three of our PEN hosts. Topics will vary. Some you will agree on. Others you will not. Isn’t that the fun of having lists?

Today’s Topic: Concerts


Shelly Rosamilia (Lunch Ladies Book Club)

1. Matchbox 20

2. Barry Manilow

3. Johnny Mathis

4. Michael Buble

5. I don’t have 5, I am not big on crowds and loud noises.


Armand Rosamilia (Arm Cast Podcast and The Mando Method Podcast

1. Metallica with Metal Church at Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ

2. Robert Plant with Cheap Trick at Madison Square Garden, NY

3. John Easdale with Pat DiNizio at Tradewinds, Sea Bright NJ

4. Stryper with Hurricane at Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ

5. Marilyn Manson at The Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ


Ashley Price (Lunch Ladies Book Club)

1. Morrissey 

2. Tears for Fears 

3. Disturbed

4. 21 Pilots 

5. New Found Glory