Your New Opinion: E56 – The Loch Ness Monster vs the Sasquatch

On this episode of Your New Opinion, the boys release a monster sequel! That is, a continuation of the monster vs monster debate. It’s a brutal beat-down about big beasts!

Join us as District Attorney Ben and California Ed guest debate while Nick and Ryan judge. DAB turns into a wild man arguing for sasquatch while Ed wades through the cold waters for the Loch Ness Monster.

How will Ryan relate this argument to The Beatles? How baby-like are Nick’s ears? How will Ben’s love of John Lithgow pop up? How will Ed’s sasquatch call sound like?

Find out who the La-hoo-za-her is in: The Loch Ness Monster vs Bthe Sasquatch!

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Your New Opinion: E55 – Santa vs Krampus

This week, the boys show their holiday spirits! It’s a merry mudslinging on the merits of mythologies.

Ryan takes over judicial duties as Mike and Nick square up. Mike makes his list of points and checks twice for Santa Claus. Nick slays the naughtiness arguing for Krampus

Does Mike worship an Eldritch abomination? Does Ryan support child abduction? Does Nick self-pleasure to old postcards?

Join us in our holiday festivities with: Santa vs Krampus!

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Your New Opinion: E54 – Who is the Best Jewish Comedian?

On this episode, the boys get all┬áverklempt. It’s a jovial justification jesting on Jewsish jokesters!

District Attorney Ben represents his culture as Ryan gets all dada with Andy Kaufman, Nick says “You can do it!” to Adam Sandler, and guest California Ed puts on the Ritz with Mel Brooks.

Will Nick do his best Adam Sandler impersonation? What does Ryan think about award shows? What does California Ed think “Doing their thing” means? How did Ben get bullied with potato pancakes?

Crack open that Torah and turn to page 54 for Who is the Best jewish Comedian?

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Your New Opinion: E53 – Who is More Obnoxious: Vapers or Craft Beer Fans

This week the boys decide to vent! It’s an acrimonious argument attacking annoyances! Ryan vaporizes the vapers as Nick downs the craft beer drinkers. Will Ryan show his hatred for Nazis? Will Nick think we live in the Matrix? Will Judge Mike explain why he doesn’t roller-blade? Pull up a stool and light your rig for Who is More Obnoxious: Vapers or Craft Beer Fans?!

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E52 – Who is the Worst Director

With all the disgusting chaos coming out of Hollywood, the boys of YNO decide to help take down the culture: this time with special guest judge California Ed! It’s an antagonizing argument about atrocious auteurs. Nick beats the fiction of Quentin Tarantino to a pulp, Ryan tries to bumrush more onto the horrid Wes Anderson, and District Attorney Ben goes far into taking the Cohen Brothers down a peg. Will Nick discuss his foot fetish? Will Ryan display his hatred for Owen Wilson? Will DAB prove he can’t read texts? And will California Ed explain what goes on at big Hollywood parties? Direct yourself to our downloads and listen to: Who is the Worst Director?!

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