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Satoshi : Michael Allen Rose : Bizzong! Podcast

What is a Satoshi you ask? Well if you don’t know, check out the podcast Unreasonably Handsome, co-hosted with this week’s guest, Michael Allen Rose.

Michael is an artist, author and entertainer (and that’s only scratching the surface). He returns to Bizzong to talk about his latest and upcoming books as well as the interesting things he’s been doing with Patreon. 

Also, we discuss Satoshis.

Cha-Ching Zongers!

Hit play because its #ZongerDay with Michael Allen Rose!

Check out this episode of Bizzong!

Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 198 – Busboom

Who stops in this week on Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast to chat with host Armand Rosamilia?

Why, it’s David Busboom… who grew up in a castle his father built in the woods of Central Illinois. Since 2011, his writing has appeared in nearly a dozen magazines and anthologies. In 2017 he co-wrote and co-produced the short horror film, “I Was a Teenage Nosferatu” for Cellar Dweller Films. His debut novella, NIGHTBIRD, was published by Unnerving in February 2018.

This week’s episode sponsored by Subculture Corsets & Clothing

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The Prolific Writer Ep 058: Michael Bunker on Writing Amish Sci-Fi and Living Off Grid

Michael Bunker is a prolific Sci-Fi writer living off-off grid in Central Texas. After a successful book on living off grid Bunker tried his hand at fiction. As they say, the rest is history. In this interview Ryan and Michael discuss the ups and downs of indie publishing, why he chooses to live a “plain” or off-grid lifestyle, the best advice for getting your work in front of readers, and much more. You can connect with Michael Bunker and find his books at:

Check out this episode of The Prolific Writer!

Library at the End of the World – Episode 22

Let’s say there were a global catastrophe of some sort.  What would descendants of survivors decades from now think about us?  Would they have been taught anything about their history?  In this week’s episode, we talk with Matthew Cox about his book The Forest Beyond the Earth, in which a 12 year old girl discovers there’s a world far beyond what she’s known.  We also talk about Cox’s Roadhouse Chronicles, filled with car chases, flying bullets, and other fun stuff.

Check out this Library At The End Of The World episode!

lesson learned – the unsupervised podcast

take a break from the stress of the world

with Bill, Mick, Mya & Junior

this week we will give you the most important advice you will ever need for podcasting then we are joined by the one and only Armand Rosamilia and we discuss finding your creative outlet, metal, grunge, crappy music, the truth about Mr. Jones, writing, Chuck Buda & all kinds of things as we get to know Armand.

plus, Bill tries to take things old school radio, is it ok to demand a gift on your Bday, Mya blames Junior for something and threatens to junk punch him, Junior has a bone to pick with Armand, Mick shares a sad story and Mya has a complex about her laugh.

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The Liars Club Oddcast # 059 | Carla Spataro, Writer, Publisher, and Teacher

Carla Spataro is an award-winning short fiction writer, director of the MFA in Creative Writing program at Rosemont College, and editorial director and co-publisher of Philadelphia Stories magazine and PS Books. She joins Oddcast hosts Merry Jones, Gregory Frost, Jon McGoran, and Keith Strunk to talk about binge-writing, teaching, and her past as a singing waiter.

Check out this episode of The Liars Club Oddcast!

Scribblers’ Rest: Episode 12 – Pathfinder – Rappan Athuk!: Rapping at My Chamber Door

Welcome to Scribblers’ Rest, where a group of Florida creatives play RPGs!

The Scribblers get real as they venture head first into Rappan Athuk: Episode 12 ? Rapping at My Chamber Door

Group B investigates the Tower of Rapping. Will they be seen evermore?

Game Master ? William Tucker (Writer for TPK Games as well as Kenzer and Company, & Scribblers’ Rest co-host regular)

Soldan “Elfy Cup” Axetooth, Dwarf Fighter -Adam Bellas (Comedian, Actor, and honorary Canadian)
Ahlyndara Luric, Elf Monk – Miriam Medina (Artist/Co-Owner of Genki Goth Studios & Scribblers’ Rest co-host regular)
Drosk, Half-orc Cleric – Dee Jay Smith (Artist/Co-Owner of Genki Goth Studios & Scribblers’ Rest co-host regular)
Grigor Windriver, Human Fighter ? Tony Aguad (Dungeon Master of DnD Raw Podcast)
Kaz, Half-Orc Shaman ? Journeyman (Artist on Journeyman1029 Twitch channel)

We play role-playing games such as: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun.
Roleplaying, RPG, D20, DnD, Tabletop Games. TTRPG

Audio/Video – Larry Heydorn
Music by Michael R. Fletcher (also a kickass author) and the Doppels Band!
Scribblers’ Rest logo by Genki Goth Studios

Thank you to Project Entertainment Network and Armand Rosamilia (another amazing author/podcaster) for hosting our show!

Thank you to Frog God Games. Please show them some love and support their Rappan Athuk 5E on Kickstarter:

A HUGE thank you to our show sponsor:
Subculture Corsets & Clothing

Check out this episode of Scribbler’s Rest!