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Bloke : Zak A. Ferguson : Bizzong! Podcast


Hey Zongers! Time for another trip around the Bizarro globe. This time we’re headed back to the UK to talk to Zak A. Ferguson. Zak is the author of several transgressive books with the Bizarro flair as well as one half of the team that makes up the new press, Nihilism Revised (I bungle the name in the show, all apologies).

Zak is doing wonderful things in the Bizarro realms and he is a fantastic new voice for a new generation of up and coming writers of weird, transgressive, absurdist and bizarre writers. Hit play and find out what Zak is all about today Zongers!


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One Hundred : Zongers : Bizzong! Podcast


This is the one hundredth episode of Bizzong! The Bizarre and Weird Fiction Podcast. It is presented for you, The Zongers by you, The Zongers. 

Let’s all celebrate what we love. Thanks Zongers for making this show possible. Let’s take this moment to celebrate and then keep on going!

See you at Episode 200 and every stop in between.


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Wonder : Danger Slater : Bizzong! Podcast

The 99th Episode of Bizzong features the 2017 Recipient of the Wonderland Book of the Year Award, Danger Slater. Danger talks about his moment at BizarroCon when he won the award and how it affected him. More important, we talk about his newest book, which comes out February 14th, 2018. He Digs A Hole is chock full of symbolism and analogies. And just went you think you’ve got this clever little narrative all figure out, BOOM, in steps the world’s most explosive writer to lay down some fourth wall breaking commentary that somehow manages to weave its way into the plotline as well.

Get out your shovels Zongers because it’s going to get DEEP on this, the 99th episode of Bizzong! See ya next week when we hit triple digits!

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InXane : Gregor Xane : Bizzong! Podcast

Class is in session Zongers! Please be seated and ready to learn! This week’s lesson is on writer Gregor Xane. We’re are going to learn all about Gregor Xane and his writing and influences and opinions. The best part? There will be NO quizs or tests after the lecture!

So get your notebooks out and your batter old highlighted and annotated Bizzong! textbook because it’s time to get learnt with Mr. Frank and Gregor Xane on Bizzong! The Bizarre and Weird Fiction Podcast.

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Night Moves : Jeff O'Brien : Bizzong! Podcast

The staple of Bizzong! Jeff O’Brien returns once again to talk about his latest offering, The Night Manager. Try as he might to convince us this is not a bizarre tale of aliens and late night retail management we scoff.

But this is far more than a look at Jeff O’Brien’s new books, this is a podcast about aliens and life and editing and awesomeness and lots of New England sexy accents.

Have a listen Zongers! Today is #ZongerDay if only you press play.

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Samurai : David Barbee : Bizzong! Podcast

Happy 2018 Zongers! Bizzong! has returned from winter break to bring you the best in bizarre and weird writing. And what better way to celebrate the weird then to bring back the Bacon Fried Bastard himself, David Barbee. David has a new book out from Eraserhead Press titled Jimbo Yojimbo and it’s sure to tickle your weird little hearts.  

So hit play and find out what David Barbee is frying up for you this time on Bizzong! 

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Lists : Mr. Frank : Bizzong! Podcast

Hey Zongers! There are lots of lists in this episode, but not a whole lot of guests. That’s how things go sometimes. Hope you don’t mind joining Mr. Frank flying solo this week talking about happenings in the bizarre and weird fiction realms. Also, lists! Not year end lists like you may expect, but lists nonetheless. Everyone loves a list. They’re so controversial!

Yell at me through your speakers Zongers, I can hear you. All you gotta do is hit play when it’s your #ZongerDay.

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New Blood : Larissa Glasser : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! we talk with NBAS 2018 author Larissa Glasser about her experience at BizarroCon 2017. Then we dig into her book, the first of the new crop of New Bizarro Authors for 2018, and the road it traveled to publication.

Larissa is a vibrant new voice in the genre and it is a pleasure to help introduce her to the Bizarro world at large this week on Bizzong!

Hit play because today is #ZongerDay

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Clown : Kevin Strange : Bizzong! Podcast

Welcome back to the greatest show on Earth next to all the other great shows on Earth, Bizzong!

This week, author Kevin Strange checks back in with Bizzong to talk about his latest work, She Was Only A Clown. Then he dishes the exclusive on his latest book marketing venture through Patreon. Then the interview goes way long as Strange and Mr. Frank debate the merits of the Wonderland Book of the Year award.

Love him or hate him, Kevin Strange is back once again so hit play because its #Zonger Day!

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