Project Entertainment Network prides itself on having a successful and diverse set of podcasts in our podcast group.

Something for everyone, as the saying goes!

You can advertise on podcasts focused on horror writing, new authors, the occult, bizarro fiction, genre writer interviews, pro wrestling, heavy metal, horror movies, personal journeys and religion and so much more!

There’s a podcast to reach your specific audience and we’d love to get you in front of them! We’re currently building even more loyal listeners each week as well as adding new podcasts in 2017. We currently have over 50,000 listens per month and the number is rising. We’re pricing our ad rates to get the most for your money by keeping them low and locked in for 2017.

Project Entertainment Network and the podcasts provide the outlet for you to reach them in a couple of different ways:

Direct advertising on a specific episode of a show, where you either provide ad copy for the host to read or a ready-made ad to be inserted into the episode.

Twitter retweeting at no additional charge. Currently there are 5 Twitter accounts with over 130,000 real followers we get the word out to. 3-5 tweets about your product the day the episode airs as well as the next day at different times for maximum reach.

Ad rates are affordable, too:

$60 per ad per episode on any podcast

(Note: The Horror Show with Brian Keene is $100 per episode)

Multiple ad rates are also available. Just ask!

Ads payable via PayPal paid to  We will send a confirmation when received. Make sure you let us know which podcast(s) you are advertising on!

Once we’ve received payment, please send ad copy to

That’s all there is to it.

Any questions?  Send Armand a message at

We’re looking forward to working with you!