This will be a long, rambling history of podcasts and how technology and robots will eventually overthrow us and make us into their pets…

Or it will be a brief description about Project Entertainment Network so you can get back to listening to some of your favorite podcasts, discovering others that get your attention and piqued your interest, and finding those hidden gems of the podcasting world you had no idea existed. 

Project Entertainment Network is hoping to do that and much more. 

With over a dozen diverse podcasts and growing each month, our aim at P.E.N. is to offer great content for listeners for free. With podcasts on horror writing, publishing, interviews, pro wrestling, heavy metal, bizarre fiction, the occult, cooking, book reviews, radio dramas, horror films and so much more… we want to be your one stop for excellent podcasts!

So grab your headphones and listen in! All the cool kids are doing it!