Your New Opinion: E58 – Should We Build the Border Wall?

The dumb-dumbs over in Congress and the White House have once again put us at odds with a government shutdown, simply because of the immigration debate. Well, the YNO boys are going to solve this problem once and for all. They’re here to resolve if President Trump’s border wall will actually work. And to do so, Nick and Mike are going head to head.

Mike comes out, cement and trowel in hand, ready to build that dang wall. Nick, meanwhile, shows his rare empathetic side arguing against it. Only Ryan will be able to traverse this tricky subject and pick a winner.

Selected topics include: Matt Damon movies, Sex Trafficking, the Tax Bill, Literal Paths to Citizenship, Work Visas, Game of Thrones, the Doomsday Clock, Eminent Domain, Mexico, and Pink Floyd.

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