Just Wasting Time, Maestro — InkStains Ep 54


It wasting time
always a waste of time?
Host John Urbancik discusses
the difference between conscious
and subconscious work,
and explains how watching Game of Thrones
might be a good use of your creative time.
Discussions also include Point of View,
and the restrictions POV puts on a story.
Dragons are mentioned,
and Maestros and Their Music,
by John Mauceri, is discussed.
Brief mentions of Moby Dick, The Hobbit,
Haruki Murakami‘s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki
and His Years of Pilgraimage
and Liszt.
Stories this week include
a fox and her hunter,
a bad chef, and constellations.

John Urbancik discusses
writing, photography, art, and creativity,
and also reads stories.

Check out this episode of InkStains!

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