Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 38

Welcome to volume 3 chapter 38 of the Necrocasticon. Tom Clark, Mr. Scott, Smoking Walt Ball and Azriel Mordecai are all back together again for a very special edition of our podcast.

This week we planned to take you on a trip called 6 DEGREES OF RITCHIE BLACKMORE, and we did, mostly, talking about Blackmore and the singers that made his music.

What actually happened was a love fest for Ronnie James Dio and Jack Ketchum! Special guest, horror novelist Dan Padavona, joins the panel to talk about his iconic dad, his memories of not only Ritchie Blackmore but of Vivian Campbell, Jack Ketchum and what he thinks of the new blood on the literary horror scene.

What’s Dan’s favorite Dio song? What does he think was his father’s magnum opus? He answers all these questions and more for us.

Plus Tom takes us to hear Joe Lynn Turner, whom he saw perform what was essentially a Rainbow tribute last week!

Check out this episode of Necrocasticon!

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