The Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 35

Volume 3 chapter 35 of the Necrocasticon goes back in time to 1979. No, it’s not a bad Smashing Pumpkins song. It’s a year that established itself as one of the best ever in the horror genre… and heralded the era of 80’s hair metal.

Tom, Scott and Az dig into movies from Alien to Salem’s Lot! Books from King, Herbert, Saul & Andrews! Bands like Motorhead, Scorpions and Triumph putting out important formative albums in metal. All that AND we give the axe blade to a clown.

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The Hideous Sun Demon | Monster Attack Ep. 102

Jim finds another memorable cult classic in 1958’s “The Hideous Sun Demon,” produced, directed and starring Robert Clarke, who plays a scientist exposed to to an unknown isotope that causes him to turn “reptilian” when exposed to the sun. The film also stars Patricia Manning and features appearances by a couple of The King Family members. Will a cure be found in time/ Find out on this episode of “Monster attack.”

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Matters of Faith Podcast: Ep 49 – What a Difference A Year Makes

Host Jay Wilburn and his wife Jenny discuss the amazing difference in life from one year to another. Miracles, progress, hope, and faith can change everything. They also discuss bumpy starts and sticking to your goals. And there’s a nice bit about their creative processes.

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Samurai : David Barbee : Bizzong! Podcast

Happy 2018 Zongers! Bizzong! has returned from winter break to bring you the best in bizarre and weird writing. And what better way to celebrate the weird then to bring back the Bacon Fried Bastard himself, David Barbee. David has a new book out from Eraserhead Press titled Jimbo Yojimbo and it’s sure to tickle your weird little hearts.  

So hit play and find out what David Barbee is frying up for you this time on Bizzong! 

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