The Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 30

Welcome to Volume 3 Chapter 30 of the Necrocastion. Your host, author Tom Clark is joined by most of our panel of metal and horror experts. Mr. Scott is here, as is Azriel Mordecai. Walt is off tending to his family this week!

It’s a very special Necrocasticon, or maybe we should call it the Nosferoticon, as we give our audio commentary on Nosferatu. The classic adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. That technically ISN’T an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Almost lost to history and only existing because someone broke the law, Nosferatu was a controversial film when it was released.

For our purposes, we’ve obtained a copy from Archive dot Org. You can find our cut here! Just sync up with us on the podcast and you’re ready to go! Watching the movie isn’t required to listen, either!


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It The Terror From Beyond Space | Monster Attack Ep.97

Jim looks at another childhood favorite and a film that influenced several sci-fi/monster writers and directors – 1958’s “It The Terror From Beyond Space,” starring Marshall Thompson, Shirley Patterson, Dabs Greer, Kim Spaulding, Ann Doran and Ray “Crash” Corrigan. A spaceship headed back to earth from Mars picks up a deadly, unwanted guest from the Red Planet. It’s a fight for survival on this episode of “Monster Attack.”

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ORIGINS – Chapter 17: Krampus Does Kristmas

What happens when coal isn’t bad enough for a naughty boy or girl? In this chapter of ORIGINS, we look at Krampus the Christmas Devil and other dark figures from Germanic European lore.

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Matters of Faith Podcast Ep 44: Holiday Q&A

Host Jay Wilburn gathered the holiday related questions from listeners. Discover what he loves and hates about the season. Other questions seek out the idea of finding the “reason for the season.”

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New Blood : Larissa Glasser : Bizzong! Podcast

This week on Bizzong! we talk with NBAS 2018 author Larissa Glasser about her experience at BizarroCon 2017. Then we dig into her book, the first of the new crop of New Bizarro Authors for 2018, and the road it traveled to publication.

Larissa is a vibrant new voice in the genre and it is a pleasure to help introduce her to the Bizarro world at large this week on Bizzong!

Hit play because today is #ZongerDay

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