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Library at the End of the World – Episode 6

This week’s installment is all about movies.  The Road Warrior, Escape from New York, Exterminators in the Year 3000, the list of classics, some more dubious than others, goes on and on.  Jim chats with David J Moore, author of WORLD GONE WILD, the definitive guide to post-apocalyptic films.  Jim also reveals a helpful hint or two for those participating in the Library at the End of the World Shameless Bribe Contest.

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PHOEBE UNLEASHED – The Horror Show With Brian Keene – Ep 143

Thanksgiving night at 7pm, Dungeonmaster 77.1 returns with a challenge for the listening audience, and Dave reveals the details of the impending launch of his Twitch channel. Then, Phoebe interviews Joe R. Lansdale, Edward Lee, Armand & Shelly Rosamilia, Ronald Malfi, Paul Tremblay, Adam Cesare, Matt Serafini, Chet Williamson, Bob Ford, Jacob Haddon, Kelli Owen, Kyle Lybeck, Wrath James White, Scott Cole, Matt Hayward, Rachel Autumn Deering, Ralph Bieber, Steven L. Shrewsbury, Christian Jensen, Stephen Kozeniewski and The Horror Show’s own Mary SanGiovanni. Plus, Cohesion Press shuts their doors, and David Barbee gets a blurb.

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comic-con special – the unsupervised podcast

take a break from the stress of the world with Bill, Mick, Mya and Junior #HappyThanksgiving

we went to SWFL #ComicCon and recorded the show, yes, they actually let us in. we got to talk with the one and only Brutus the Barber Beefcake #BTFBB about his new book, favorite matches and his new favorite motorcycle. but the interview almost gets ruined when someone screws up the mics. plus we chat with a bunch of fun people in attendance (#Batman, #Deadpool, #theDoctor and more)

we check some crazy headlines, play a few games, comic-con style and we get all high tech with amazing new technology called wireless mics. then things get a little odd when someone stops by in the middle of recording and tries to get one of us to take off our shirt. check out our Facebook page for all the photos from the event 

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Scribblers' Rest: Episode 0 – Dungeons & Dragons 5E – The World of Aetaltis – DM & Player 1 Intro

Welcome to Scribblers’ Rest, where a group of Florida creatives play RPGs!

The Scribblers venture into the playtest of World of Aetaltis for D&D 5E. Meet the Dungeon Master and our First Victim, er Player.

Dungeon Master ? Larry Heydorn (Author of Age of the Fallen series & Scribblers’ Rest co-host regular)


Taris Robel, Atlan (Human) Cleric – William Tucker (Writer for TPK Games as well as Kenzer and Company, & Scribblers’ Rest co-host regular)

We play role-playing games such as: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun.

Roleplaying, RPG, D20, DnD, Tabletop Games.

Scribblers’ Rest logo by Genki Goth Studios

Music by Michael R. Fletcher and The Doppels Band.

The World of Aetaltis by Mechanical Muse

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Thieves and Dragons and Magicians, Oh My — InkStains Ep 44

Host John Urbancik discusses writing and photography and art and creativity. This week: another handwritten project, his annual Christmas cards. Also, he discusses themes, the conscious and subconscious themes in our work; and he answers a listener question about the existence of dragons. Readings include a Christmas story, a tale of thieves in the opera house, the Japanese art of Kintsugi, and what happens when a man challenges Merlin to a duel.

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048: Laura Beers on Lessons Learned as a New Author and Publisher

Laura Beers is a first time historical romance author. But not a newbie in the writing craft. She spent much of her life doing technical writing for construction management companies. In this interview, Ryan explores the ups and downs of writing and publishing with Laura. Lessons learned as she sets out into the world of writing and publishing. Be inspired, encouraged, and find practical writing tips for where ever you are in the journey. Find Laura Beers on Facebook: @authorlaurabeers. Prolific Writer Takeaways:

  1. Never despair- keep writing.
  2. Believe in yourself.
  3. Trust you have a story to share.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

  1. Fiction- Jennifer Moore
  2. TV- Arrow
  3. Film- Wonder Woman

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E52 – Who is the Worst Director

With all the disgusting chaos coming out of Hollywood, the boys of YNO decide to help take down the culture: this time with special guest judge California Ed! It’s an antagonizing argument about atrocious auteurs. Nick beats the fiction of Quentin Tarantino to a pulp, Ryan tries to bumrush more onto the horrid Wes Anderson, and District Attorney Ben goes far into taking the Cohen Brothers down a peg. Will Nick discuss his foot fetish? Will Ryan display his hatred for Owen Wilson? Will DAB prove he can’t read texts? And will California Ed explain what goes on at big Hollywood parties? Direct yourself to our downloads and listen to: Who is the Worst Director?!

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 64 – Mythos


Writers creating interlinked worlds for their stories. Characters crossing over into other novels. Settings used in other tales. Concepts. Creatures. Families. You name it. 

The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda talk about their own mythos they’ve created for their stories (or lack thereof in one of their cases) and chat about other authors that do it a heck of a lot better than they do. 

This week’s episode sponsored by Subculture Corsets & Clothing

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