Lindsay Buroker on the Evolving Indie Landscape | The Prolific Writer | Ep 050

Lindsay Buroker is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy author who burst on the scene in 2011. Some called it the hay-day of indie publishing and Ebook Revolution. Lindsay hasn’t slowed down and has since published 30+ titles. In this episode Ryan and Lindsay discuss her humble beginnings from nonfiction and online marketing to fiction. What are the best forms of marketing for books (you’ll be surprised)? What has changed in the indie writing landscape (what has stayed the same)? Her process for writing so many books, and much, much more. You can find Lindsay Buroker at:

Prolific Writer Takeaways:

  1. Write what you’re excited about.
  2. Package book like a pro.
  3. Don’t be too precious about your books.
  4. Writing the next book is your best marketing. 

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Check out this episode of The Prolific Writer!

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