the unsupervised podcast: A Look Back

the unsupervised podcast, take a break from the stress of the world with Bill, Mya, Mick & Junior.

This week we take a look back at the last six months with some clips from previous episodes. Mick teaches us why you should not answer random help wanted ads in the paper. Bill has his sister stop by and we quickly learn she has absolutely no filter as she shares bedroom nicknames and her favorite C word.

Ever wonder the origin of certain sayings? well, we discover the origin of “i’m not just blowing smoke up your…” which leads to some interesting questions that test friendships. then Bill expresses his concerns about what the future holds for robot sex dolls… can they be trusted? Mick once again asks some amazingly awkward questions about swapping fun parts with your partner, do men or women keep things cleaner downstairs and so much more.

Check out this Unsupervised Podcast episode!

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