The Necrocasticon Presents: Hallowed Ground Chapter 1

“A Boy and His Dog” meets “Night of the Comet” in a future world where we are reminded why people are afraid of the dark. A man and his dog abide by the rules to stay alive: travel during the day and spend your nights on holy ground. When the duo discover a refuge almost too good to be true, it becomes apparent they’re not alone in this weird new world.

Hosted by the Necrocasticon’s mascot, Morty the Curator, Hallowed Ground follows the mantra of the Necrocasticon by blending horror and heavy metal, a thrilling narrative combined with a driving heavy metal soundtrack.

The Necrocasticon Presents: Hallowed Ground Chapter 1 was written and produced by the Necrocasticon’s Thomas R. Clark. Starring the voice talents of our co-hosts, Scott Groverston and Walter Ball.

Also starring Joshua Montaque, Elizabeth Gray and introducing to you, Rocket and Diego the Jack Russell Terriers as The Dog of Many Names.

Featuring the music of Matt Sampere and Storm Cell. Additional music provided by Daniel Edenfield and the Night Keep.

Check out this episode of Necrocasticon!

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