Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 21

Welcome to Volume 3 Chapter 21 of the Necrocasticon, the podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. It’s part two of our favorite firsts in metal & horror, and this week we focus on the horror, as we discuss the seminal auteur freshman entries by some the greatest in the genre.

We’re down a couple panelist, as Az is celebrating his birthday and Walt is on assignment to let us know how metal Rick Springfield is. That’s OK, Tom Clark and Mr. Scott are joined by a brother in horror podcasting, Ryan Tutolo. Ryan is a host on All You Need Is Blood, and he’s here to share with us his favorite first time horror director and author. Mary Shelly, The Boys, Argento, Bill Paxton and more!

But that’s not all. Az isn’t here, but that isn’t stopping us from eating birthday cake in the Mortuary, Walt isn’t here for the smoker, but Tom has some things to say about Gerald’s Game, and Mr. Scott gives a posthumous ax handle.

Check out this episode of Necrocasticon!

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