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Scribblers' Rest: Episode 10 – Shadowrun – The TOrCa Campaign

Welcome to Scribblers’ Rest, where a group of central Florida creatives play RPGs!

The Scribblers’ regulars return to the 6th World and the TOrCa campaign. A friend needs help getting out of a high-rise hotel on International Drive. It’s looking like a long night on International Drive as the dimensions of the problem become clear.

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The Egg Thief — InkStains Ep 35

Host John Urbancik discusses writing and photography and art and creativity. This week, he describes The Pasture. It’s not just where he puts old stories and false starts out to die, but it’s also a garden. Readings include an egg thief, an explanation of what happens when you die, and a chase through a carnival.

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 55 – Pirating

Aarrggh! Show me the booty.


In this case, The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda aren’t chatting about buccaneer movies and books, but about the stealing of movies and books.

At some point in a career, no matter how big or small, an author will have his books pirated. Readers will cut corners and try to find free copies of your books online. People with little moral fiber will steal from innocent people.

The Dynamic Mando Duo get excited, angry, hungry and sad about pirating this episode.

This week’s sponsors are Subculture Corsets & Clothing as well as Mass Hysteria by Michael Patrick Hicks

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Five Million Years To Earth | Monster Attack Ep.86

It’s one of Jim’s favorite Hammer Sci-Fi films as he recounts the impact “Five Million Years To Earth” (1967) had on his wanting to eb a filmmaker. The movie, which stars Andrew Keir, James Donald, Julian Glover and Barbara Shelley was directed by Roy Ward Baker and was the third of the popular “Quatermass” films. This “cerebral” film is the subject of Episode 86 of “Monster Attack.”

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Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 19

You’ve got Volume 3 Chapter 19 of the Necrocasticon in your ear buds, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal with a common connection.

This week we’re getting Satanic on you. Mr. Scott takes over the directors seat as Tom Clark was on assignment, getting us an interview with Adam Neal of KY metal band Savage Master!

Azriel takes us on a Lords of Acid trip in the mortuary and Walter shows us who our friends and Archenemies are.

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