Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 13

It’s time for volume 3 chapter 13 of the Necrocasticon. Tom is away on assignment this week, but Mr. Scott is filling in at the driver’s seat. With Mr. Scott is the remainder of our panel of horror and metal experts, Smoking Walt Ball and Azriel Mordecai.

This week we talk to upstate NY “Tardcore” band, Hungry Jack, and you don’t want to miss this strange interview. Mr. Scott had an opportunity to speak with them recently, and we are presenting it to you in all it’s goofy glory.

But that’s not all! Azriel takes us to a digitized musical mortuary, Walt does a double shot in the smoker with the new live album from Blind Guardian and the new Marty Friedman album. And, finally, Mr. Scott gives the axe handle to a cleaner?

Check out this episode of Necrocasticon!

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