The Mummy’s Hand | Monster Attack Ep.77

Two down on their luck archaeologists try to unravel the mystery of Princess Ananka, but get in the way of Kharis, the legendary royal who was buried alive. It’s the 1940 favorite, “The Mummy’s Hand,” starring Dick Foran, Wallace Ford, Peggy Moran, George Zucco, Tom Tyler and Cecil Kellaway. The Epyptian hills of Southern California never looked so good on this episode of Monster Attack.

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Change | Buttercup of Doom 2.0

This week I return (kind of) with the launch of a new era of Buttercup?version 2.0?and discuss change. Not all change is good, but it happens. Period. And everyone deals with it…

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Coming up:returning to my normal wednesdays, not necessarily weekly, but watch all locations and social media for updates.

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Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 10

Welcome to Volume 3 Chapter 10 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. And this week that connection plain sucks.

Hosts Tom Clark, Mr. Scott, Smoking Walt Ball and Azriel Mordecai lament a fallen hero this week as we remember George Romero.

Some call George A. Romero the Godfather of modern horror. It’s no doubt that along side partner (and guest on the Necrocasticon a year ago this week!) John Russo, he gave birth to the modern zombie craze. But Romero was much more than a zombie auteur. He was a Renaissance man, a pioneer in independent film making who’s contributions to the horror and fantasy genres cannot be ignored. We’ll touch on all of that and more as we remember his legacy.

But that’s not all. We also remember Dave Z of Adrenaline Mob, who also died tragically this weekend. And we find out about Martin Landau, as well, with breaking news as we were recording this chapter.

How could we remember George Romero without talking to a person who wouldn’t be making films had it not been for the path blazed by Romero? We can’t. Therefor, earlier in the week before this tragic news hit, Tom had an opportunity to talk with Western NY film maker Adam Steigert about his upcoming movie FANG! Adam recently finishing principal photography on the extreme horror werewolf film and he joins us to talk about it and tell us how the story came about.


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Matters of Faith Podcast Ep 24: We Are Broken Jars

Jay Wilburn takes listener questions about why he isn’t an atheist, where he thinks Christianity goes wrong, and can we change God’s mind. Feel free to send more questions to

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Noise : Nicholaus Patnaude : Bizzong! Podcast

This is Bizzong! And things are going to get bizarre and weird as usual Zongers!

This week’s guest is the author of GUITAR WOLF, Nicholaus Patanude and is part of the 2016 New Bizarro Author Series. I always enjoy interviewing the NBAS writers and it is a unique opportunity to get the persepective or writers who are just beginning their journey into the genre. Nicholaus has provided one of the most open behind the scenes looks at the process of pitching story ideas, fleshing them out and working on the final product for the book series.

Nicholaus also runs Psychodelic Horror Press, a publishing house he hopes he can utilize to create books that are not only a blend of high concept fiction and low brow punk driven pulp but also a book that transcends are mere vessel for words and becomes an object of beauty and artful appreciation.

So strap in Zongers ‘cuz we’re gonna get a bit real this week on Bizzong!

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