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Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 7

Welcome to volume 3 chapter 7 of the Necrocasticon where we blend horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. This week Mr. Scott is stepping into the Host’s seat as Tom Clark is off on assignment at Salt City Comic Con!

But have no fear, Scott, Smoking Walt Ball & Azriel Mordecai found a suitable fill in for Tom this week in the form of sideshow freak and pro wrestler Lenn Oddity. This is appropriate, as our panel of metal and horror experts talk about body horror this week.

But that’s not all. Walt reviews the latest from Iced Earth, Scott gives the raises the axe handle high in remembrance of a person that was the core of their circle of friends, as well as giving the blade to someone else that deserves it. Az gets all mashed up in the mortuary and finally, Mr. Scott talks to upstate NY vocalist Josh “Ripper” Wheeler from the death metal band Demonic Reign.

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Truth : Mandy De Sandra : Bizzong! Podcast

Mandy De Sandra, gnostic, spiritualist, writer and soothsayer of the truth. This may be one of the most important episodes of Bizzong where we have a guest that reveals herself, lays bare her transformation and reveals her truth.

Mandy De Sandra is a Dept. of Labor worker by day but is an erotica storyteller at night. She lives and is from Washington, DC where she has seen things that will raise more than just your taxes.

…and now she is this weeks guest on Bizzong! Hit play Zongers and find the truth on #ZongerDay

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The Curtain Jerkers #3.7

Welcome to season 3 episode 7 of the Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that super pro wrestling in the indies.

Your host, veteran journalist and podcaster Token Tom Clark is joined, as always, by our panel of wrestling analysts at Project Entertainment Network. Steve Mesa and The Viking, Brian Burton are taking shifts this week as we prepare to invade Salt City Con in Syracuse, NY, featuring a sleew of legends from the business. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We shine the indy spotlight on Mike Verna. Token Tom goes off on the perceived misogyny surrounding WWE’s 2017 Money in the Bank. Steve has a five year retrospect on NXT, Viking brings us the Indy Power Rankings and we check in with Golden Boy Greg Anthony after his heart surgery.

It’s a jam packed show for your listening pleasure, this week, peeps & perps! And don’t forget to look up Tom and Viking, along with Az from Necrocasticon at Salt City Con!

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JASON SIZEMORE – The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 121

Jason Sizemore of Apex Publications sits down with Brian, Mary, and guest co-host Maurice Broaddus for a fascinating discussion on publishing, editing, the importance of libraries, and advice for those wishing to start a small press. Plus: Kip Winger’s Songs From the Ocean Floor. Rick Hautala archived. A double shot of Bryan Smith. Horror writers invade DC Comics. The Twilight Zone emerges from development hell. Eli Roth’s children’s movie. Dave and Phoebe’s hospital adventure. Dungeonmaster 77.1’s new pet. And the Ghost Town Writer’s Retreat winner!

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Scribblers' Rest: Episode 7 – Pathfinder – The Lament of Loam's End

Welcome to Scribblers’ Rest, where a group of central Florida creatives play RPGs!

Our bard’s compassion is a lesson to the bloody handed. Brian Downes researches the equations, and the goblin cultists fight dagger and gnashing tooth to do away with the interlopers. Our heroes press through the challenges of the manor house, drawing ever closer to their adventure’s fraught conclusion, and dangling a gnome on a rope.

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Mixing Arts and Shoelaces — InkStains Ep 22

Join host John Urbancik discusses writing and photography and art and creativity. This week, he’s asked if his photographic eye affects the way he writes. He answers listener questions about tying shoes and when he knew he wanted to write. Readings include another New Orleans inspired ghost story, a magician with only one trick, and the reviled Hero Killer.

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