Effed Up : Christopher Lesko: Bizzong! Podcast

Bizzong! keeps rolling on strong, interviewing new and exciting writers of bizarre and weird fiction week after week after week. So this week, while a bevvy of bizarro writers decended upon Chicago, Mr. Frank found one guy who didn’t go. This week Christopher Lesko joins Bizzong! to talk about his unique brand of weird fiction.

Christopher Lesko publishes his work with some real DIY sensibilities. We talk about how he makes his own cover art as well as how he’s learned to become a better self-publisher over the years. We also dive into hitting the street and selling your books out in wild where it seems to be most important.

Mr. Frank had a great time getting to know Christopher Lesko and now you too get get to know him if you just click play and make today #ZongerDay!

Check out this episode of Bizzong!

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