Necrocasticon Volume 3 Chapter 1

Welcome to Volume 3 Chapter 1 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s Podcast the blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection.

Your host, writer and podcaster Tom Clark, is casting aside token monickers this season, along with our panel of horror and metal experts at Project Entertainment Network.

The former Maxx Axe, aka Mr. Scott Groverston, Super Fan Boy Smoking Walt Ball has finally climbed out of hell and Azriel Mordecai is still Az, because, well, that’s his legal name.

We’re starting off our third season by getting back to our roots here at the Necrocasticon, streamlining things with a fine tooth, razor sharp comb. We’re about commonalities between specific genre media properties, so this week we’re blending together 3 of them as we talk about the ALIEN film franchise, the career of Glenn Danzig and the art of HR Geiger.

How do they all link together?

We’ll tell you how, among other things as we talk about the past, present and future of what are, without a doubt, fixtures in pop culture, as well as the horror or metal genres.

But that’s not all.

Walt reviews more Life of Agony, Az gets violent in the mortuary with 5 Caskets to Cairo and Scott gives the Axe Handle to a surprising victim that very much deserves it.

Check out this episode of Necrocasticon!

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