Giant From The Unknown | Monster Attack Ep.65

Jim goes back to 1959 to look at a tale about a long-dead evil Spanish Conquistador who terrorizes a small Northern California town in “Giant From The Unknown,” starring Ed Kemmer, Sally Fraser, Morris Ankrum, Bob Steele and Buddy Baer. Does the ground in the hills of California cause things, including people, to be in a state of suspended animation for more than 500 years? Find out on this episode of Monster Attack.

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Matters of Faith Podcast Ep 13: Jenny & Jay Wilburn – Faith & Parenting

Host Jay Wilburn and his wife Jenny discuss parenting, raising their kids in their faith, and figuring it out as they go together. Brief interviews with both their boys precede their discussion for context.

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Chilled : Russell Holbrook : Bizzong! Podcast

The guy so nice, we had to have him on twice: author Russell Holbrook joins Bizzong! for his second appearance this week. Russell is back with his second book, The Water Babies, a twisted tale born of a local legend. 

Mr. Frank talks about the new book with Russell and also his continued support and promotion of all things Bizarro. We also dig into Russell’s marketing tactics and how he is unwittingly tapping into the local reader market.

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