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Unmentionable : Lance Carbuncle : Bizzong! Podcast

Zongers, I hope you haven’t neglected your balls because this week, Reverend Lance Carbuncle joins the podcast to talk about his new book, The Unmentionables. Mr. Frank also talks with Lance Carbuncle about his writing style, being out of the limelight for long periods of time and of course, Lance’s woeful neglect of his own balls.

Turn up that weird dial to 11 because Lance Carbuncle is here and you can’t possibly be prepared for the kook that awaits you all. White trash transgression abounds!

Hit play because its #ZongerDay

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The Curtain Jerkers #2.44

Welcome to season 2 episode 44 of the Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that superkicks pro wrestling in the pants. Your typical host, Token Tom Clark is absent this week, as is most of our panel of wrestling analysts over at Project Entertainment Network. The Viking, Brian Burton, is off raiding and pillaging, Producer Dan is producing, what it is we really don’t want to know, and the inmates are in charge; all at Steve Mesa’s expense. Last weekend Steve moderated the Art of Professional Wrestling panel at Supercon Retro in Miami, FL. Featuring our friend, comic book writer Michael Kingston (HEADLOCKED), wrestler Main Man Malken and ring announcer for Evolve, Rob Naylor. Steve heads up this must listen panel. It’s one that takes a different approach to wrestling, not as sports entertainment, but as performance art.

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ARMAND AND SHELLY ROSAMILIA – The Horror Show With Brian Keene – Ep 112

Time management for married creatives is the topic as Armand and Shelly Rosamilia join Brian and Dave in studio. They also discuss podcasting, how to pitch a show to the Project Entertainment Network, and Armand’s brewery book-signing tour. Plus — the WGA strike looms, Marvel Comics sales plunge continues, Dave and Lombardo are now part of the ALIEN franchise, and a memorial service for a chicken. 

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Scribblers' Rest: Episode 2 – Pathfinder – The Lament of Loam's End

Welcome to Scribblers’ Rest, where a group of central Florida creatives play RPGs!

Wherein we have a door-opening competition with Cleric Pinebrook’s best strap-on, and then it starts coming out of the walls. Minutes after entering the old manor house, things nearly fall out from underneath our feet. Several times. Also, we hatch a plan to get Miriam Medina an eight-legged shower brush for Christmas.

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 33 – Patreon


Authors, artists, publishers, cosplayers, musicians… the list goes on and keeps growing for those who are delving into Patreon, looking to connect with true fans interested in their exclusive works. 

Is it a good thing? The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda talk about it. Pros. Cons. You know the drill. 

This week’s episode sponsored by Subculture Corsets & Clothing

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The Gorgon |Monster Attack Ep.63

Jim examines a 1964 Hammer Gothic, “The Gorgon,” with roots in Greek mythology, starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley and directed by Terence Fisher. A small town is plagued with a series of strange murders – all of the victims have been turned to stone. A professor and a young man, looking into his brother’s death, uncover what looks to be a huge conspiracy. What is the town hiding? Find out on this episode of Monster Attack.

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