KELLI OWEN – The Horror Show With Brian Keene – Ep 113

Life’s unexpected curves can be detrimental to creatives. Kelli Owen joins Brian and Dave for a frank discussion on grief, depression, and how they impact writing. They also talk audiobooks, rejection, the Nicholas Kaufmann Curse, the future of Buttercup of Doom, and role-playing games as a release. Plus — gambling on the Bram Stoker Awards, the Marvel mayhem continues, William Hjortsberg in remembrance, M. Night Shyamalan’s next film, and more!

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The Liars Club Oddcast #017 | Kate Brandes, Debut Novelist

Kate talks about the inspiration and determination required for her first novel, THE PROMISE OF PIERSON ORCHARD, and the challenges of being a scientist, artist and writer.  Recorded April 2017.

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Scribblers’ Rest: Episode 4 – Pathfinder – The Lament of Loam’s End

Welcome to Scribblers’ Rest, where a group of central Florida creatives play RPGs!

More battles lie ahead. Will the manor house reveal its enigmas? Will all four of the adventurers get out alive? Will the wizard learn how to use a crossbow?

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