The Curtain Jerkers #2.43

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 43 of The Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that super kicks pro wrestling in the high spot!

Your host, veteran podcaster and journalist Token Tom Clark is joined by our panel of pro wrestling analysts at Project Entertainment Network. First, he’s the second half of the podcasting tag team champions of the universe, freelance journalist and film critic, Steve Mesa. And the man, the myth, the legend… the Viking, Brian Burton.

We’ve got a jam packed show for you this week and it’s all news for the most part, as the wrestling world has had a bit of that since Wrestlemania passed.

Iris doesn’t investigate the Coach, we ask where the f**k has Wade Barrett been, Viking has the Indy Power Rankings and Steve, well, he isn’t undefeated in WWE2K, anymore. And he no sells us like champ!

It’s a shenanigans galore this week on the Curtain Jerkers and you can only hear it here on Project Entertainment Network!

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Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 150 – 150 Episodes!

One Hundred and Fifty episodes later…

Yep, after 149 previous episodes of Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast, we make it to the 150th one. 

Host Armand Rosamilia reminisces about the other episodes that came before. He also plays messages from people who say nice things about him and the podcast. 

He also plays a really bad clip he should’ve erased. 

Welcome to 150 and hopefully 150 more!

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