Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 148 – Padavona And Edler

Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast host Armand Rosamilia is joined by two members of the upcoming Beers & Fears Brewery Tour, authors Dan Padavona and Frank Edler.

We spend most of this episode making fun of the other two members of the tour, Tim Meyer and Chuck Buda. Wait, spoiler alert… or is that too late?


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STEVE BOLIEK – The Horror Show With Brian Keene – Ep 109

Director and actor Steve Boliek joins Brian and Dave to discuss independant filmmaking, financing and self-distribution, his cult classic zombie movie and its forthcoming sequel, Lloyd Kaufman, Christian Jensen, and much more. Plus — James Newman’s support for the True Colors Fund, changes for FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, discussion of two recent HWA decisions, and reviews of TRAIN TO BUSAN, LAND MINE GOES CLICK, and LOGAN.

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Liars Club Oddcast #013 | Janet Benton, Historical Fiction Author

Janet Benton talks about writing and researching her debut novel Lilli De Jong, and tells us why Kirkus Reviews called it a “monumental achievement.”  She’s worked at magazines and newspapers and taught at four colleges, as well as running the writer’s workshop The Word Studio.   Recorded March 2017.

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The Curtain Jerkers #2.41

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 41 of The Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that super kicks pro wrestling in the show of shows.

Your host, veteran podcaster and journalist Token Tom Clark is joined, as always, by our panel of wrestling analysts at Project Entertainment Network. First, he’s from South FL, freelancer journalist Steve Mesa. With him, from parts unknown, our advocate, the man, the myth, the legend, The Viking, Brian Burton. And we’ve got a special guest panelist, once again this week, peeps and perps. Yes, from the production staff of the Curtain Jerkers, none other than Producer Dan Canastra.

We’re coming to you early this week so you can get your fill before Sunday. Why? Because we’re all about Wrestlemania and NXT Takeover this week, kiddies.

We’ve got our predictions all the way around for the show of shows, hailing from Orlando, FL.

Viking also has an interview with indy big man, TJ Marconi, and Iris has rounded up the Curtain Jerkers Players for their predictions for Wrestlemania, as well.

It’s a don’t miss episode of the Curtain Jerkers, and you can only hear it on Project Entertainment Network!

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Baking in a War Zone and Other Adventures – InkStains – Ep 10

Host John Urbancik claims to be an Adventurer (as well as writer and photographer), and tries to define it. Three new readings: night falls, Monday and Sunday in court, and a grandmother bakes cookies in a war zone.

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 30 – Convention Talk

Another episode where we talk about conventions and book signings.

Because it’s needed, right? The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda delve further into the good and the bad of conventions and what you (as an author) can do to have a great time and gain more readers. 

Then we learn how to skydive with varying results. 

This week’s episode sponsored by Subculture Corsets & Clothing

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Three Guys With Beards #50 | James Marsters

On today’s show The beards talk with actor James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Runaways and much more) about life as an actor and musician, and his work on voice overs, too!?

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Scribbler’s Rest Debuting Soon!

Project Entertainment Network is proud to announce our next podcast, coming soon! 

The Scribblers’ Rest podcast is hosted by authors Brian Downes, LJ Heydorn, and William Tucker. We invite creative types (authors, artist, cosplayers, etc) to join our motley crew and venture forth with us. We drag our fearless adventurers through the tabletop role-playing worlds of Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, and much more.

Invasion of the Saucer Men | Monster Attack Ep.60

It’s a look at one of Jim’s favorite “Guilty Pleasures” as we examine the 1957 camp classic, “Invasion of the Saucer Men,” starring Steven Terrell, Gloria Castillo, Frank Gorshin (yes, that Frank Gorshin) and Lyn Osburn. Creepy little green men land on a farmer’s property and terrorize the inhabitants of the town of Hicksville. And why is the military trying to cover everything up? It’s all ahead in this episode of Monster Attack.

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Project Entertainment Network Store is Open!

In case you didn’t see it… we’ve opened a Store so listeners can support their favorite podcasts and hosts (and the network itself) with cool shirts, mugs, hoodies, stickers and more! 

Get yours today and wear it proudly! New items added weekly, too!


Necrocasticon Volume 2 Chapter 46

Bernie Wrightson

Welcome to volume 2 chapter 46 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a a common connection.

This week, your hosts, Token Tom Clark, Maxx Axe & Azriel Mordecai remember the legacy of the late Bernie Wrightson.

Bernie was the epitome of horror in art and we pay our respects to a man who’s talent broke barriers and influenced a generation.

We’ve also got an interview with Charlotte Honeychurch, music director and voice actor in Gov Scoffer’s upcoming animated dark fantasy film, Dagon: Troll World Chronicles.

But that’s not all!

Tom reviews Train to Busan, Az takes us to a wake in the mortuary and Maxx has this week week in metal and horror history for us.

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