The Curtain Jerkers #2.34


Welcome to Season 2 Episode 34 of The Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast the super kicks pro wrestling in the Reigns. Token Tom Clark and company have complete coverage of the fall out from Roman Reigns coming in at 30 in the Rumble. We’re also reviewing the WWE Royal Rumble this week, peeps & perps. Plus Steve Mesa has the news and a bit of ass kicking going on in the PWFU WWE2K league. We’ve also got his new segment, WORKER MATCH & SHOW OF THE MONTH. The Viking, Brian Burton, has his preview of Xcite’s next TV taping, as well as the Indy Power Rankings. We’ve got plenty of Curtain Jerkers Players shenanigans for you this week, too, as we get their reactions to Roman Reigns’ Rumble entry, Matt Gold debuts his new song in homage to Roman, and Iris doesn’t go to the subway and she doesn’t interview somebody about that fuck money.

Check out this episode of The Curtain Jerkers!

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