WOMEN IN HORROR: THEN AND NOW – The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 101


Mary SanGiovanni and Somer Canon discuss twenty years of industry changes for women in horror. Brian and Dave discuss the epic 100th episode telethon. Plus John Hurt in remembrance, Bernie Wrightson retires, Graham Masterton honored, Tony Todd as Dormammu, Dave’s review of THE OA, Mary is perplexed by EL TOPO, and Kevin Strange can’t afford advertising.  

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The Liars Club Oddcast | Merry Jones on Fiction & Non-Fiction


Our podcast this week features Liar and suspense novelist Merry Jones, whose just-released twelfth novel CHILD’S PLAY is already keeping people up at night.  Liars Greg Frost, Kelly Simmons, Jon McGoran and Keith Strunk talk to her about transitioning from non-fiction to fiction, and how she crafts unreliable narrators and builds tension.  Recorded January 2017.

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