13 O’Clock Episode 28: The Dyatlov Pass Incident


In 1959, in a remote area of the Ural Mountains in Soviet Russia, the bodies of nine hikers were discovered under very unusual circumstances. Bizarre details of the scene, such as oddly cut tents, lack of clothing, unexplained injuries, radioactivity, reported fireballs in the sky, and various other anomalies have inspired countless conspiracy theories about what happened to the unfortunate young people, ranging from secret KGB weapons testing to an alien encounter to tribal murder to an attack by the fearsome Russian Yeti. On this episode of 13 O’Clock, Tom and Jenny delve into the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, discussing the various theories and trying to recreate a plausible scenario that could account for all the strange clues found at the site of the tragic deaths.

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Dracula Has Risen From The Grave | Monster Attack Ep.56


Jim welcomes radio personality Barry King (“B.K. On The Air”) as Co-Host. Hammer Film’s 1968 classic “Dracula Has Risen From The Grave,” starring Christopher Lee, Veronica Carlson, Barry Andrews, Rupert Davies and Directed by Freddie Francis, is in the MA spotlight. This film is considered by many to be the best Christopher Lee Dracula film Hammer produced. And it is all ahead on this episode of Monster Attack.

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Necrocasticon Volume 2 Chapter 42


Welcome to volume 2 chapter 42 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. Host Token Tom Clark is joined by our panel of metal and horror experts at Project Entertainment Network. This time around Maxx Axe, Smoking Walt Hades and Azriel Mordecai are closing out Women in Horror Month by talking about the female bad asses of horror and metal. From Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley to Charlize Theron’s Furiosa, from Kate Beckinsale to Milla Jovovich, horror has its share of bad ass actresses. Metal has had it’s share of women you best not trifle with, like Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Wendy O. Williams and Doro Pesch. And what a better way to top that all off, than by featuring an interview with a true bad ass, Tabbetha Winner. Tabbetha is the vocalist for death metal band Winter’s Burden. A death metal band with a female singer? Yes. It’s not unheard of (Does Otep ring a bell?) for a woman to front a death metal band, and Tabitha is joined by the band’s guitarist, Claudio Montano for a frank discussion with Maxx. But that’s not all. Az has a Dark Funeral, Walt reviews Overkill’s The Grinding Wheel, and Maxx Axe & Revelation 13 bring us this week in metal & horror history.

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Matters of Faith Podcast Ep 04: Keith Wilson, a minister in the process of deconstructing his faith


Keith shares his journey into Christianity and ministry. We learn how that process changed for him and led him to completely deconstruct his faith and what a relationship with God really means.

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Oi : Adam Millard : Bizzong! Podcast


Zongers! Hope you’re hungry for some fish n’ chips because we’re headed to England today. This weeks guest is the author of an absurd number of novel, novellas and short stories. Additionally he is the curator of Crowded Quarentine, a top notch indie horror fiction publisher. I am, of course, talking about the one and only, most well dressed man in Bizarro, Mr. Adam Millard!

Adam Millard is the author of twenty-two novels, thirteen novellas, and more than two hundred short stories, which can be found in various collections and anthologies. Probably best known for his post-apocalyptic fiction, Adam also writes fantasy/horror for children and Bizarro fiction for several publishers, who enjoy his tales of flesh-eating clown-beetles and rabies-infected derrieres so much that they keep printing them. His “Dead” series has recently been the filling in a Stephen King/Bram Stoker sandwich on Amazon’s bestsellers chart. Adam is a regular columnist for UK horror website, This Is Horror.
#GiveUsTheGong #ZongerDay

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The Curtain Jerkers #2.36


Season 2 Episode 36 of the Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that bro kicks pro wrestling in the head. As always, your host Token Tom Clark is joined by our panel of wrestling analysts over at Project Entertainment Network, Steve Mesa and The Viking, Brian Burton. This week is a retrospect, as wrestling experienced a celebrity death trifecta last week after we had recorded our show. Nicole Bass, Ivan Koloff & George the Animal Steele all passed on last week and tonight we’re going to talk about each of them. Plus Steve’s got the news, Charles DelRose from the PWFU2K League shows up to cut a promo on Steve, Viking has the Indy Power Rankings and much more in this jam packed episode. And have no fear, we’ve got Curtain Jerkers Players shenanigans as Iris is still missing after not interviewing Sister Abigail last week, and Don Bump and Frank Armstrong make a statement. About what? We’ve not got a clue.

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Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 143 – Heydorn


Returning in-studio guest Larry Heydorn joins Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast host Armand Rosamilia to talk about writing, Dungeons & Dragons and podcasts. Larry is an avid listener of many, many podcasts (not just this one) and we have a chat about it for awhile.

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KELLY LAYMON – The Horror Show With Brian Keene – Episode 104


Kelly Laymon sits down with Brian, Dave, and Dungeonmaster 77.1 to discuss her father’s legacy, the future of his books, Uncle Dean Koontz, and more. Plus, Mary and Phoebe hatch plans to expand the Project Entertainment Network. Also, Warren Frost in remembrance, the leaked FRIDAY THE 13TH script, Bryan Smith’s 68 KILL heads for SXSW, a rare Arkham House collection heads for auction, and Chuck Wendig commits the unthinkable.

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The Liars Club Oddcast | Syndicated Cartoonist Dave Blazek


The hilarious author of Loose Parts comic and humor books talks about the challenges of writing cartoons while holding down at full time job at The Philadelphia Inquirer.  And whether cheese is funny.  Or fish.  Oh, just listen and be completely entertained. With Liars Greg Frost, Merry Jones, Kelly Simmons and Keith Strunk. Recorded January 2017.

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 25 – Twitter


Co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda, of the award winning The Mando Method Podcast, revisit Twitter as their subject this week. You can never get enough Twitter talk. Am I right? They also talk about coffee and a bunch of other random things like they always do, too. 

Marketing Morsels is still on hiatus while we try to locate Erin Al-Mehairi and her Yeti fiance. Recent reports claim a sighting in Kodiak, Alaska hosting a basic cable show about ice sculpting. 

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13 O’Clock Episode 27: Out of Body Experiences


You wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and find yourself floating up near the ceiling, looking down at your body. Or you’re undergoing traumatic surgery or involved in an accident, and you feel as though you’re being pulled upwards into a bright light with welcoming celestial beings showing you your past and your future. Out of body and near death experiences are surprisingly common, but what does it all mean? Do we actually have “souls” that are separate from our physical bodies? Or is there some aspect of our brain wiring that is responsible for the sensation of being outside of the physical realm?

On this episode, Tom and Jenny discuss various aspects of the OBE and the NDE, including paranormal explanations, results of various consciousness experiments being performed in the lab, similarities with sleep paralysis and lucid dream scenarios, and common aspects of the experience across cultures. In the second segment, Tom also describes his own OBE and NDE, and the insights he gained from experiencing them. Tether your astral body to your silver cord and listen in as we temporarily escape from our flesh envelopes and explore the outer dimensions.

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