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Curse of the Undead | Monster Attack Ep.50


A suggestion from a fan led to this episode of Monster attack. It’s Cowboys and Vampire as Jim explores the 1959 cult favorite “Curse of the Undead,” starring Eric Fleming, Michael Pate, Katherine Crowley and Edward Binns. A small town is tormented by an unknown plague that is taking the lives of its young women. And a feud between two families draws blood, while a mysterious man in black lurks nearby. Find out what happens on this episode of Monster Attack.

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Necrocasticon Volume 2 Chapter 36


Welcome to volume 2 chapter 36 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. Your host, writer and podcaster Token Tom Clark is joined, as always, by our panel of metal & horror experts at Project Entertainment Network. Musician Maxx Axe, uber fanboy Smoking Walt Hades and musician & artist Azriel Mordecai are going to church this week, kiddies. So put the double sided tape on your finger tips and get ready to lie in confessional as we talk about Christian metal and Christian influences on horror. From Stryper to POD, from The Exorcist to The Lazarus Effect, we’re going to talk about it all. But we can’t do it alone. Joining us to discuss these topics is horror author Mike Duke, whose most recent novella, Ashley’s Tale, is now available for you to read on Amazon and his forthcoming novel, from Stitched Smile Publications, LOW, is available for pre-order. Walt reviews Brazilian metal legends Sepultura and their latest Machine Messiah & His 365 movies in 365 days included an entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise. Az goes to the mortuary for a Christian death, and Maxx Axe and Revelation 13 bring s this week in metal & horror history.

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Mini Van : Justin Grimbol : Bizzong! Podcast


Hey, howdy, hi Zongers! It’s #ZongerDay but only if you hit play! This week on Bizzong! Justin Grimbol keeps a promise and has released a book of Mini Van Poems for your guilty pleasure. Go on, you know you want it. These are the types of poems you don’t need to have a deep artistic appreciation of poetry to enjoy. That is Grimbol’s talent, making poetry accessible for everyone. He is the gateway drug of poetry, or at least he hopes to be.

So grab a soccer mom and hop in for the ride of your life as we ride the wind with seven other people in Justin Grimbol’s mini van of love. It’s time to Bizzong!

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The Curtain Jerkers #2.31


Welcome to Season 2 Episode 31 of The Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that super kicks pro wrestling out of title contention. Your host, veteran journalist and podcaster Token Tom Clark is joined, as always, by our panel of wrestling analysts over at Project Entertainment Network. From South Fl, Steve Mesa and from parts unknown, our advocate, the man, the myth the legend, the Viking, Brian Burton. We’ve got all the news from the WWE and independents, We’ll give you our predictions and picks for the WWE UK Championship tournament, Steve has his spoiler review of the NXT Tapings with a couple spoilers, Viking has the indy power rankings, and, Iris returns with her first NOT an interview of the year!

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Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 137 – Stark


On this exciting, fun-filled and slightly dangerous episode of Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast… author Ken Stark chats about zombies, writing and so much more with host Armand Rosamilia

Then host Armand chats about what’s coming up in his little world including SwampCon, The Horror Show with Brian Keene’s 100th episode telethon, news from Project Entertainment Network and a bunch of other stuff you might or might not find exciting. Who can say?

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Arm Cast Podcast Episode 137

GIVE IT AWAY NOW? – The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 98


Is it ever okay for an author or artist to give their work away for free? Join Brian, Dave, and special guests author Stephen Kozeniewski and filmmaker Mike Lombardo as they discuss whether it’s ever acceptable to break Harlan Ellison’s golden rule of “Pay the writer”. Plus — Dave’s Top TV Picks for 2016, a new David J. Schow, a new CHILD’S PLAY, a new TWIN PEAKS, a new excuse for B&N’s continuing sales decline, and warning signs indicating a possible downturn for small press horror.

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The Liars Club Oddcast -Hank Phillippi Ryan


In the second Liars Club Oddcast, award winning author and journalist Hank Phillippi Ryan joins Liars Merry Jones, Greg Frost, Jon McGoran, and Keith Strunk for some conversation around the table about journalism, her writing, her new book SAY NO MORE, and the subtle nuances of spitting fire.  As usual, not responsible for the truthiness of any content, because, Liars. Pants currently on fire. Ouch.  Recorded September 2016.

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 19 – Book Reviews


Book Reviews

Authors need them to survive. They read every review they get. They obsess over them. They want to know if they’re really as important as people make them out to be. Co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda have no clue, but they still manage to talk for quite awhile on the subject in this week’s The Mando Method Podcast

Marketing Morsels host Erin Al-Mehairi had to take a break this week because of a secret mission she was on that involved cupcakes and an attic fan. We can’t say anything more than that

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Twice Baked | It Cooks! Ep 15


Welcome back to IT COOKS! This is episode fifteen! Twice baked potatoes! An easy, fast, and versatile recipe, Amber includes some of her favorite variations on this comforting side dish including a dessert version! Love to Thunderstorm Books, Brian Keen, and the Maelstrom imprint. This week’s sponsor is Subculture Corsets and Clothing.

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