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Necrocasticon Volume 2 Chapter 37


Welcome to volume 2 chapter 37 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. This week, your host, author and journalist Token Tom Clark is once again joined by our panel of metal & horror experts at Project Entertainment Network. This week we’re throwing the horns up for those soldiers of metal and horror that have gotten their collective bells rung in the name of what they love. From Tony Iommi’s finger tips to Stephen King’s car accident, we’re going to talk about the freak injuries and accidents that have influenced the genres. We’ve also got the second half of the Tom Monteleone and Bob Ford reading and Q&A from Scares That Care 2016. This time it’s Bob reading from his recent novella, The Last Firefly of Summer, plus Mr. Monteleone and Mr. Ford answer some questions from their captive audience. Az takes us to Xymox, where ever that is, in the mortuary, Walt goes live with Armored Saint’s Carpe Noctum, Tom tells you why you should buy Sampere’s EP, World of Illusion, and Maxx Axe & Revelation 13 brings us this week in metal and horror history.

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Baby Powder : John C. Foster : Bizzong! Podcast


Hey Zongers! Its time to get WEIRD! No, really! This week’s guest is weird fiction author John C. Foster. He joins Bizzong! to talk about what makes things weird as opposed to Bizarro. He talks about his writing, working with Perpetual Motion Machine and Max Booth. Then we talk a lot of shop and craft stuff and have great fun. Girls just wanna have fun and so do Zongers when its #ZongerDay, so just hit play!

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The Curtain Jerkers #2.32


Welcome season 2 episode 32 of The Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that super kicks Prowrestling in the inauguration. Your host, Token Tom Clark, is joined, as always, by our panel of wrestling analysts at Project Entertainment Network; South Floridian Steve Mesa and our advocate, from parts unknown, the man, the myth, the legend, the Viking Brian Burton. The news is huge this week, peeps and perps, and we’ve got it all for you, from the passing of Jimmy Snuka to the upcoming Ring of Honor Supercard dream match. Steve gives us his review and virtual tour of Ronin Pro wrestling’s latest card, Viking has the indy power rankings and Iris doesn’t interview Cryback’s Delusional Mind.

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Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 138 – Fox And SwampCon Report


Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast host Armand Rosamilia has a great chat with nonfiction and fiction author Chris Fox, who’s figured a few things out about selling books. Armand tries to get as many secrets as possible. 

Then, Armand talks about SwampCon, a convention he recently attended as a special guest. 

We are 138.

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WILLIAM PETER BLATTY – The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 99


An in-depth remembrance of the life and work of William Peter Blatty. Plus: #HorrorShow100 looms, the truth is still out there for X-FILES fans, Shock Totem’s sale to Apex Book Company, Dungeonmaster 77.1’s tips for hunting the Loch Ness Monster, and much more!

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The Liars Club Oddcast | Fran Wilde


This week on the Liars Club Oddcast, award winning author Fran Wilde joins Liars Merry Jones, Greg Frost, Jon McGoran, Kelly Simmons and Keith Strunk for some conversation around the table about writing, Fran’s Bone Universe Series of novels, and channeling birds for character names.  Once again, not responsible for the truthiness of any content, because, Liars. Pants currently on fire. Ouch.  Recorded September 2016.

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 20 – Audiobooks


The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda have both delved into putting their work on audiobook. Is it a viable option? A massive waste of time? A nefarious scheme hatched by an alien race? They meander in and out of talking about audiobooks as well as stuff they really shouldn’t be talking about. 

Marketing Morsels host Erin Al-Mehairi is still not back from her yachting around the world in 80 minutes excursion, but as soon as she’s able she’ll bring this show back to a level of professionalism sorely lacking. 

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