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Happy Ho-Ho | Buttercup of Doom ep 70


This week I cover Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas, single-handedly try to destroy the Christmas Tree business, offer protective advice for dealing with family this holiday season, and I think I even snuck in something about that Elf on a Shelf thing… I covered a lot, a happy ho-ho of holiday madness, including #sorrynotsorry the xmas version!

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Coming up:indefinite hiatus. I’ll be back…eventually… listen to your favorites, buy a book for a friend, and have a great holiday/new year!!

This Week’s Rating: PG13 ? buttercup ratings system info here

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 16 – Convention Report


Jekyll Comic Convention Report

The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda are joined by author Jay Wilburn as they chat about the Jekyll Comic Con and dive deep into the good and bad, especially when it came to Chuck and his table, selling style and clothing options.

Why Am I Not Selling Books?

Erin Al-Mehairi talks about a frequent question writers ask on her Marketing Morsels segment. What are they doing wrong and why aren’t they making millions… or at least selling as many books as they think they should be selling.

Then everyone has an ice cream social and a sock hop while binge-watching Happy Days.

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Christmas Countdown | It Cooks Ep 12


Welcome back to IT COOKS! This is episode twelve! Christmas is almost here and Amber is in overdrive! Check out the awesome results as she tackles the Unicorn Hot Chocolate trend with her own twist just for the holiday: Reindeer Hot Chocolate! Plus the best ever Spritz cookie recipe! This week’s sponsor is Subculture Corsets and Clothing.

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Necrocasticon Volume 2 Chapter 32


Happy Holidays & Welcome to Volume 2 Chapter 32 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror & Heavy Metal properties with a common connection. Your host, horror author and journalist Token Tom Clark is joined, as always, by our panel of Metal and horror experts at Project Entertainment Network. Maxx Axe, Smokin Walt Hades and Azriel Mordecai have our Second Annual last minute holiday gift guide, otherwise known a our top picks of 2016. So if you have a horror or metal fan on your gift buying list, we’ll let you know what is relatively new and fresh that they may want in their stockings. But that’s not all. Just like last year, a new Star Wars movie came out, and we also present our second annual STAR WARS SPOILER REVIEW, featuring guest panelists Marcus Thomas and Eddie Scarito. Marcus & Eddie will be joining Maxx and Tom, going over the latest entry into the Star Wars mythology. We’ll be picking out the fine details and letting you know where this film stands in the pantheon of Star Wars films.

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The Black Cat | Monster Attack Ep.46


Jim and Mark examine a film that many consider to be Universal’s finest horror film – 1934’s “The Black Cat,” starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. This film was not only the first pairing for these two horror giants, but also fascinated audiences with its unique look and story. It was Universal’s most successful film for the year.

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Bacon : David Barbee : Bizzong! Podcast


Bizzong welcomes the Bacon Fried Bastard, David Barbee to the show this week. We talk about his new book, the beer the book inspired and writing with children in your head. We also hypothosize a point in the future where Bizarro Dildo Fiction will be as big as The Walking Dead. What a wonderful time we will live in Zongers.

Hit play and find out all about it. Make today your #ZongerDay!

Don’t forget Zongers, this is the final show of 2016. We will return on January 9th with more Bizarre and Weird fiction and a whole new year of Bizzong! Podcast. Happy and Merry everything Zongers!

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The Horror Show with Brian Keene – 100th Episode Shirt for Scares That Care


The Horror Show with Brian Keene is celebrating their 100th episode of the podcast!

What better way to do it than to raise money for a charity they hold near and dear to both host Brian Keene and his trusty sidekick Dave Thomas?
Scares That Care is a 501(c)3 non-profit helping families in need. 
100% of the profits for the sale of this shirt and items will go to Scares That Care and given to the charity as part of the 100th episode celebration coming in January.
This is the only time this shirt and items will be offered so get yours now and help support Scares That Care! 
Special Thanks to Thomas O’Briant for donating his time and creative expertise to making this amazing shirt for the event!

The Curtain Jerkers #2.27


Welcome to season 2 episode 27 of the Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that super kicks pro wrestling’s elf off the shelf. Your host, veteran podcaster and journalist Token Tom Clark, is joined, as always by our panel of wrestling analysts at Project Entertainment Network. Film critic Steve Mesa, and with him is our advocate, the man, the myth the legend, The Viking, Brian Burton. We have another huge show this week. First we’re gonna give our predictions for the WWE Network event, ROADBLOCK (End of the Line) for the RAW Brand. We’ve also got a special interview with Francisco Ciatso. The 17 year ring vet will be at the upcoming Fight For The Mind 2 card in Murpheesboro, TN in January, and we’ll talk to them about that and more. Steve has the news, Viking has the Indy Power Rankings and Iris has her NOT AWARDS for 2016. What are those? Well, listen and find out.

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