The Curtain Jerkers #2.29


Welcome to season 2 episode 29 of The Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that super kicks wrestling off the top rope. Your host is veteran podcaster and journalist Token Tom Clark and with him, as always, is our panel of pro wrestling analysts over at Project Entertainment Network. First, he hails from South FL, he’s the former WWE2K US Champ and his writing can be seen in places like The Miami Herald, he’s Steve Mesa! And with him is our advocate, from parts unknown, the man, the Myth, the Legend, The Viking Brian Burton. This is probably our biggest show of the year. We’ve got our best of 2016 lists to share with you, who is our top pick for worker of the year? We’ll give you a hint: Tom only owns one wrestler’s t-shirt. How about match of the year? Steve has a Wrestlemania Weekend Match he thinks tops all others this year. Viking goes to Xcite’s most recent TV taping and talks to CZW Champion Joe Gacy and Tom had a chance to sit down with the man behind Fight For The Mind 2, the former Shooter Storm. Former? Well listen to the interview and find out why we say that.

Check out this episode!

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