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Necrocasticon Vol 2 Chapter 27


Welcome to Volume 2 Chapter 27 of the Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. Your host, up and coming horror author and veteran entertainment journalist Token Tom Clark, is joined by our panel of metal & horror experts at Project Entertainment. Musician Maxx Axe, uber fan Smoking Walt Hades and musician and artist Azriel Mordecai are blending this week. We’re mixing up genres within metal and horror. One 80’s movie in particular blended genres of horror together like none other, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. Is it an Alien science fiction flick? Is a zombie movie? Is it a slasher movie? Well, it’s all of the above. And we’ve got special panel from ScareACon 2016 featuring the cast of Night of the Creeps, featuring former Necrocastiguest Jason Lively and other cast members from Night of the Creeps, Tom Atkins, Jill Whitlow & Steve Marshall as well as a few of 80’s character actors you may know, including Tony Moran. Plus, Az went to Ithaca Fantastic Film festival and saw the classic Altered States on the big screen and Steve Mesa from our sister podcast, The Curtain Jerkers, hosted a screening of Silence of the Lambs! And for our musical topic? Well, we’re going to share with you our favorite songs that cross genres, with their roots in metal. We’ve also got a new segment for you, TV Time, and this week we give our analysis of The Walking Dead season 7, The Exorcist and Westworld. All this plus Walt’s got the a review goes up In Flames, Az has some rats in the mortuary and Maxx Axe & Revelation 13 bring us this week in metal & horror history.

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Coffee : Ophelia Darkly & Davey Cadaver : Bizzong! Podcast


Something a bit different but uniquely cool for you find Zongers this week, Opehelia Darkly and Davey Cadaver have combined art and literature to create a unique reading experience, COFFEE MONSTERS. We discuss Davey Cadaver’s artwork and inspirations and discuss with Ophelia Darkly how she is inspired by Davey’s artwork to create companion dark fairy tale fiction pieces.

There is also some great discussion on marketing and drawing in an audience to encourage a very human and social experience. We also talk about what they do to make even a hands-off mail order transaction into a real intimate one on one personal buying experience.

All great stuff with two great people. So hit play because its #ZongerDay with Ophelia Darkly and Davey Cadaver!

The Coffee Monsters Kickstarter Campaign featuring the movie discussed in this weeks interview.

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The Curtain Jerkers #2.22


Welcome to Season 2 Episode 22 of the Curtain Jerkers, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that super kicks pro wrestling. Your host, veteran podcaster and journalist Token Tom Clark, is joined, as always, by our panel of wrestling analysts at the Project Entertainment Network. He’s one half of the podcasting tag team champions of the world, he’s a former Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant and a former WWE2K champion. His writing has been seen all over but he hails from South FL, Steve Mesa. And, last but certainly not least, he’s our advocate, the man, the myth, the legend, The Viking, Brian Burton. We’ve got another jam packed show for all y’all. Viking gives us the virtual Xcite experience after going to the CROSS RHODES TV Taping last weekend, as well as giving us the Indy Power Rankings, and Steve has the news as we look forward to Survivor Series. And of course, we’ve got Curtain Jerkers shenanigans as Curtain Jerkers player Donald Bump gives his state of the the wrestling address after becoming the President or Wrestling.

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THE END – The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 93


As a divided America teeters on the brink, one man offers words of hope — and that man is…Coop? Plus, all the details on the Episode 100 Scares That Care telethon, a serial killer’s Amazon customer reviews, the new Jack Ketchum novel, Danny Trejo is not dead, Dave’s review of Marillion’s concert, Stephen Kozeniewski’s review of Shin Godzilla, and Brian breaks in new boss Armand Rosamilia.

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The Mando Method Podcast: Episode 10 – Promotional Tools


On this week’s episode, co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda chat about various promotional tools to use as an author, touching on a few items to help you. Then they wander about a bit and finally grow tired and end this week’s The Mando Method Podcast.

But not before Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi swoops in with her Marketing Morsels segment, talking about Instagram and how an author can use it to their advantage.

The episode concludes with all of the hosts having a picnic and taking turns doing three-legged racing and dunking for apples. 


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Necrocasticon Vol 2 Chapter 26


Welcome to volume 2 Chapter 26 of the Necrocasticon, and we’ve got a new home… we’re now Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. Your host, horror writer & journalist Token Tom Clark, is joined, as always, by Project Entertainment Network’s panel of horror and metal experts. Musician Maxx Axe, super uber fan Smoking Walt Hades and musician and artist, Azriel Mordecai.

We’ve got a jam packed show to kick off our launch on the brand new Project Entertainment Network. This week features the return of horror historian David J. Skal to our show with his panel from ScareACon 2016 on Dracula, Frankenstein and the classic monsters! And what do we match up with that in the metal department? You’ve heard of the Big 4, right? Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth & Slayer. Well, that’s not it. We’re talking about the other Big 4, the Big 4 of American thrash metal, the mid-card, so to say, featuring Overkill, Testament, Exodus & Death Angel. Who were they? Why were they so great? We’ll dig into all that, plus Walt reviews Testament’s new release and gives us his opinion of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios FL. Az goes to Therion in the mortuary and Maxx Axe & Revelation 13 bring us this week in metal & horror history.

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Barrio : Gabino Iglesias : Bizzong! Podcast


Hey Zongers, time to get aquainted with Barrio Bizarro with this weeks guest, Gabino Iglesias. Gabino has a very unique voice in the community and Bizzong took the opportunity to delve into what makes him tick.

Gabino is also one of the finalist for the Wonderland Book of the Year award at BizarroCon. His book Zero Saints is up against a bevy of other great Bizarro titles. This is a wonderful opporutnity to get to talk to one of the Wonderland Nominees leading up to the con in just two weeks.

So hit play because it is once again #ZongerDay

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