Necrocasticon Vol 2 Chapter 29


Welcome to Volume 2 Chapter 29 of The Necrocasticon, Project Entertainment Network’s podcast that blends horror and heavy metal properties with a common connection. Regualr host Token Tom Clark is off on assignment this week, leaving Maxx Axe in charge of the ruffians that are our panel of horror and metal experts. Yes, Uber Fan Smoking Walt Hades and musician & artist Azriel Mordecai are getting industrial with their metal in honor of Cyber Monday. They’ll cover the world of industrial metal, from Ministry to Nine Inch Nails and everything in between and outside of the box. And for a holiday shopping treat, we have a man that is an acting machine, veteran actor Tony Todd, and his panel from ScareACon 2016! Walt’s smoker returns us to our industrial theme as he reviews Atoma, the latest from Dark Tranquility, Mordecai’s Mortuary sounds like a metal shop and Maxx Axe & Revelation 13 bring us this week in horror and metal history. PLUS! We’re giving away a copy of the new Metallica, Hardwired to Self Destruct. Allt eh details are in this episode on how you can get your copy of the latest from the kings of metal.

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